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Mind, body and soul - looking after yourself with Lavaná


bath bombs and wax.


Bath Bombs

Handmade in Berkshire, our bath bombs use only high quality ingredients - avoiding nasty chemicals and fillers to give you a bath experience inspired by nature. In fact, we use nowhere near the amount of corn starch that many bigger companies do, which use it simply to get more for their money. We can about quality and looking after your skin.

Proven to even help our customers who suffer with common skin conditions, our bath bombs are gentle, hydrating and even fizz, float and foam!

Wax Melts

Made from 100% vegan-friendly soy wax, our wax melts are strongly scented and burn for a long time - one of the benefits of soy wax, it lasts longer and burns better.

We want to be different from other brands. Our wax melts come in eco-friendly reusable linen bags, not plastic. We were excited to launch our wax melts because we could combine our two favourite things: space and sparkle. Our wax melts come shaped as stars and release beautiful sparkle when they burn.

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